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4. It introduces new and untested educational methods and methodology

EDUCATION Support for Common Core Slipping

By Bob Kellogg Recent polls from Education Next and Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup show Common Core continues to lose favor among some groups. It’s not good news for Core supporters. Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute says the polls show support for the Common Core in general over the last three years has precipitously plummeted. “[The […]

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Initial Common Core Goals Unfulfilled as Results Trickle In

As Common Core test results come in, the goal of comparing student performance among states is unmet. Common Core opponents wave signs and cheer at a Jan. 6, 2015, rally opposing Mississippi’s continued use of the Common Core academic standards. Results for some states that participated in Common Core-aligned testing for the first time this […]

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Gallop: 60 percent Opposed Common Core

By WJLA A Gallup Poll shows that common core education standards are becoming more and more unpopular as Americans learn more about them. According to a report from, 60 percent of adults polled said they opposed Common Core standards. That number rose in conjunction with the number of respondents who said they knew either […]

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Study: Common Core & 2 Testing Consortia Violate Federal Laws, Unlikely to Improve Academic Achievement

By Pioneer Institute   BOSTON – In the wake of the U.S. House and Senate’s passage of bills that would reauthorize the federal No Child Left Behind law, a new Pioneer Institute research paper finds that national English and mathematics standards, known as Common Core, violate three federal laws that prohibit the federal government from […]

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Reality Check: SMART ACT A No-Brainer?

By Scott Schneider We won’t know how Ohio students fared during PARCC testing this past school year until this fall when their scores are released but we do know that parents, teachers, administrators and even lawmakers are giving the new Common Core tests failing marks.PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and […]

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The Common Core Can’t Speed Up Child Development

By Joseph Ganem Our kids aren’t getting dumber. It’s the unrealistic expectations of the Common Core that are the problem. Recent evaluations of the state’s preschoolers have determined that only 47 percent are ready for kindergarten, compared to 83 percent judged ready last year. This drastic drop isn’t the result of an abrupt, catastrophic decline […]

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Missouri Legislature Throws Common Core Test Out

By Elisa Crouch Missouri public school children spent untold hours this spring prepping for a new computer-based standardized test. It required written essays, details to back up answers, and raised concerns that such a drastic change could overstress kids and lead to lackluster results That test has now been banned by the Legislature. It’s the […]

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Where is the Evidence for Common Core Aligned Tests Indicating College & Career Readiness?

By Sandra Stotsky   Two recent phenomena suggest that we have become a nation of uninformed voters led by unquestioning reporters and education officials.  The first phenomenon is the reason offered by many in the media for parents opting their children out of a Common Core-based test. The movement is growing to unprecedented numbers […]

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Nevada’s Troubled Common Core Test Crashes Again on First Full Day Back with Error Message

By Associated Press LAS VEGAS –  Technical problems continue for Nevada’s Common Core testing a week after a malfunction first halted the federally-mandated assessment process. Last week, testing was stopped in Nevada, Montana and North Dakota after a widespread system crash with New Hampshire-based Measured Progress. The company’s contracted to administer the tests linked to hotly […]

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Keyboarding for Kids

Nevada Common Core Test Crashes Again

By Sally Ho LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada schools will have to document at least two attempts if they can’t or won’t finish the troubled Common Core testing, as two other states seemed to bounce back from technical problems that halted the federally mandated assessment process. Last week, testing was stopped in Nevada, Montana and […]

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The Trouble with Common Core

By Maggie Gallagher As the Core hits the classroom, the Federalist reports something predictable: It’s not going as predicted: Close reading is now all the rage not just in Bensenville and school districts it influences, but across the nation, thanks to Common Core. But Pondiscio, a Common Core supporter and former employee of Hirsch’s foundation, […]

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Common Core math standards: Fuzzy at best

In our May cover story, “Core Values,”we expose the nonsense and progressive agenda behind Common Core. A big part of the ridiculousness of Common Core are the new math standards. These standards apply the constructivism philosophy—a technique that requires students to “construct” understanding of math problems. Advocates claim this will help build critical-thinking skills. Traditional […]

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How CCSS Ruins Kindergarten

  By Diane Ravitch   Dear Diane, As an outgrowth of reading your new book, “Reign of Error” and reading your blog, I have written the op-ed piece below to the Connecticut Post. Thank you for all you do in your support of public education. Regards, Joe Ricciotti The Developmental Inappropriateness of the CCSS for […]

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Grabar: The Gradgrinds of the Common Core

By Mary Grabar Special to Roll Call April 9, 2012, Midnight How good a player would Arne Duncan, former basketball pro and current secretary of Education, have been had he not been allowed to play a pickup game or idly bounce a ball? How many great players would there be had they not been able […]

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