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1. It standardizes mediocrity and lacks academic rigor


Meet the New Common Core

By Jordan Ellenburg/New York Times MADISON, Wis. — HATE the Common Core? You’re not alone. The national reading and math standards, set up by a bipartisan consortium of state governors, have turned into a political lightning rod for a coalition of angry parents and education activists. The math component has generated special peevishness. The comedian […]

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Common Core Education vs. Classical Education

By Sean Fitzpatrick WHETHER COMMON CORE EDUCATION IS CONTRARY TO CLASSICAL EDUCATION Objection 1. It would seem that the Common Core State Standards Initiative is not contrary to classical education. For, as the classical education movement is aimed at broad-based learning, Common Core education provides standards that are broadly applied across the country to prepare […]

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RNC Passes Resolutions on APUSH Changes

By Shane Vander Hart  The Republican National Committee passed a resolution concerning education during their summer meeting.  It deals with the rewrite of the AP U.S. History framework.  This was sponsored by Tamara Scott, National Committeewoman from Iowa, and was written with the help of Jane Robbins from American Principles Project.  It had six co-sponsors and it […]

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Common Core instills mediocrity in education

By Jane Robbins South Dakota Board of Regents President Jack Warner (July 13 Forum) has a firm grasp on all the talking points of the Common Core proponents: The new national standards are “rigorous;” they will make our students “college- and career-ready;” they will lead to “deeper understanding.” All of this sounds good, but none […]

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Common Core Standards Lower the Bar

By Eunie Smith Unfortunately, Business Council of Alabama CEO William Canary’s opinion piece saying that the Common Core standards will be helpful to Alabama students cannot be substantiated. In Alabama, the Math standards have only been used for one full year, and the English standards are still in their first year of implementation. To the […]

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