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Tracking bipartisan opposition to Common Core

Candidates are wary of backing a symbol of federalized education  By Alec O’Cleary Caso  Last week a bipartisan Senate majority voted to reauthorize and update the Bush era “No Child Left Behind” legislation that has been used by the Obama administration to essentially force the states to adopt controversial federally mandated “Common Core” curriculum requirements. […]

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The Country’s Biggest Common Core Test Is Circling The Drain

By Blake Neff Arkansas’ board of education voted Thursday to dump a national standardized test aligned with Common Core math and science standards, while New York decided not to adopt it. Back in 2011, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) had 24 member states (plus D.C.) containing over half the […]

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NEA To Support Opt-Out, Oppose Common-Core Testing

By Stephen Sawchuk  I truly sympathize with the layman trying to make sense of the National Education Associaton’s positioning on the opt-out movement. At this year’s convention, delegates voted down NBI 5, which would have supported the opt-out movement and concomitant legislation. Then, a hundred-odd NBI items later, they approved one, NBI 115, that will […]

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BY DR. SUSAN BERRY Slate writer Will Saletan took to Twitter to show that his son lost five points on a health test because the answer he chose as the definition of the word “family” was considered “incorrect.” The question: Family is: Select one: a. Should be two parents, children and perhaps some extended members living together. […]

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How the GOP Candidates Are Flailing on Common Core

The Republican hopefuls are all over the place on the controversial education standard By Allie Gross When a team convened by the National Governors Association began developing the Common Core curriculum standards in 2009, politicians of both parties rallied behind them, with every governor but Rick Perry and Sarah Palin committing to crafting them. Since […]

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Delaware Passes Bill Allowing Opt Out of Common Core Mandated Tests

 By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.   The Delaware legislature has passed a bill permitting parents to have their kids opt out of Common Core-mandated standardized tests. The legislation — House Bill 50 — was introduced in March by state Representative John Kowalko, a Democrat, and state Senator David Lawson, a Republican. After months of wrangling over the […]

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Meet the New Common Core

By Jordan Ellenburg/New York Times MADISON, Wis. — HATE the Common Core? You’re not alone. The national reading and math standards, set up by a bipartisan consortium of state governors, have turned into a political lightning rod for a coalition of angry parents and education activists. The math component has generated special peevishness. The comedian […]

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Chairs stand on tables in an empty classroom during a Germany-wide strikes of public sector workers, at a school in Berlin March 11, 2015. German schools, kindergartens, hospitals and some regional airports were hit by strikes on Wednesday ahead of a third round of wage talks between trade unions and state officials.The trade unions are demanding a 5.5 percent pay rise for some three million civil servants in Europe's biggest economy.   REUTERS/Stefanie Loos (GERMANY  - Tags: CIVIL UNREST BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT)   - RTR4SX2Y

Common Core Is Leaving My Students Behind

By Wall Street Journal I teach special education. We already know that these children can’t read at their grade level. By Brian Zorn – The mission of American education is “No Child Left Behind.” For me as a special-education teacher in New York state, that means making my students feel worthwhile and giving them the […]

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Reality Check: SMART ACT A No-Brainer?

By Scott Schneider We won’t know how Ohio students fared during PARCC testing this past school year until this fall when their scores are released but we do know that parents, teachers, administrators and even lawmakers are giving the new Common Core tests failing marks.PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and […]

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The Movement Against Common Core Has Made Education Reform a Key Issue on Capitol Hill

By Katrina Jørgensen No one seems happy about the current state of primary education in the United States. This month, members of the House may have to confront that reality, plus deal with a number of unpopular or failed solutions, according to the Washington Examiner. The pressure to fix a top-down government system comes directly from […]

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No Matter How Much Money is Poured Common Core, States are Abandoning Lock-step National Uniformity

Matt Cardy/Getty Images By ZE’EV WURMAN Every other day we hear from Common Core proponents about how wonderful these standards are, how teachers really (really!) love them, and how impossible it would be to do any better. Just the other day, Education Week gloated how the new South Carolina standards are “89 percent in alignment […]

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NC Seeks Parents’ Thoughts on Common Core

By News Observer The state commission charged with recommending revisions to the Common Core education standards for math and English is inviting parent comment at its next meeting. Parents are invited to make public comments Monday at the Academic Standards Review Commission meeting, to be held on the 7th floor of the state education building […]

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Common Core Fight Moves from Louisiana Legislature to Fall Elections with Jindal to Sign Compromise Bill

By Julia O’Donoghue Gov. Bobby Jindal has agreed to sign the Common Core compromise bills approved by the Louisiana Legislature, but that doesn’t mean the conflict over the controversial academic standards has come to a close in this state. It means the fight is shifting from the Louisiana Capitol to this fall’s ballot box. Supporters and opponents of the […]

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Oregon Risks Losing $140 Million for Enabling Kids to Skip Common Core Tests, Feds Warn

By Betsy Hammond   Oregon schools stand to lose $140 million a year or more in federal funding if state lawmakers vote to enable parents to opt out of standardized testing more easily, a top U.S. education official is warning. Legislation headed for Oregon Senate approval as soon as Wednesday could trigger serious sanctions that […]

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Education Leaders Want More Time to Assess Common Core in Arkansas

By Rose Ann Pearce Common Core State Standards is a term that elicits strong support or strong opposition among Arkansans without discernible middle ground in the discussion. The standards were adopted in Arkansas in 2010 by the Arkansas State Board of Education. Four years after implementation, concerns linger that the standards were adopted without input […]

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The Common Core Can’t Speed Up Child Development

By Joseph Ganem Our kids aren’t getting dumber. It’s the unrealistic expectations of the Common Core that are the problem. Recent evaluations of the state’s preschoolers have determined that only 47 percent are ready for kindergarten, compared to 83 percent judged ready last year. This drastic drop isn’t the result of an abrupt, catastrophic decline […]

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Missouri Legislature Throws Common Core Test Out

By Elisa Crouch Missouri public school children spent untold hours this spring prepping for a new computer-based standardized test. It required written essays, details to back up answers, and raised concerns that such a drastic change could overstress kids and lead to lackluster results That test has now been banned by the Legislature. It’s the […]

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The Slow Death of Common Core

The slow death of Common Core By Alan Caruba Think about the major policy undertakings of the Obama administration over the past six and a half years. It began with a “stimulus” that wasted trillions in the quest of generating jobs, but did little to nothing in achieving that goal. That was followed by ObamaCare […]

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Board Shortens Common Core-Aligned Tests Known as PARCC

By Emma Brown  The Common Core-aligned tests that made their debut in 11 states and the District this spring will be approximately 90 minutes shorter next year, a change that comes after parents, teachers and school administrators expressed frustration with the amount of time devoted to the new exams. The governing board of the Partnership […]

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Cynthia Rutan, scoring director at the Westerville, Ohio scoring center, helps scorers during a training session on scoring the PARCC test on May 4, 2015. --Maddie McGarvey for Education Week

Thousands of Scorers Take On the Common-Core Tests

By Richard Putorti   Do you feel like your teachers are rushing you? Well, it’s not your fault. Common Core, a new learning method, is forcing our teachers to teach us this quickly. It’s not just for our benefit, it’s mostly for theirs. If you fail, your teachers fail. And the government approves of this! Is […]

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