RNC Passes Resolutions on Victories for Halting Common Core

new-years-resolution-for-collaborative-innovationThe Republican National Committee passed a resolution concerning education during their summer meeting commending parent activists on Anti-Common Core victories.  It was sponsored by Ellen Barrosse, National Committeewoman from Delaware, had several sponsors and passed unanimously.

Resolution Commending Parent Activists on Anti-Common-Core Victories

Whereas, Activist parents in five states, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and North Carolina, realized that their children’s education curricula had been “dumbed down” by implementation of the Common Core State Standards;

Whereas, These grass-roots activist parents lobbied their state legislatures and fought the political establishments to slow down or stop the implementation of the Common Core State Standards;

Whereas, At great sacrifice to themselves, and despite the huge funding advantage of those backing the standards, these parents were successful in rolling back the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in their home states; and

Whereas, Parents in other states are embroiled in the same David vs. Goliath fight to resist the federalization of education via the Common Core State Standards; therefore be it

Resolved, The Republican National Committee commends the work of the mothers, fathers, and other citizens who fought or are fighting to persuade their state executive and legislative branches to faithfully and fully resist federal intrusion into education policy-making, particularly via the Common Core State Standards.

Primary Sponsor:

Ellen Barrosse, RNCW, DE

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