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^3167ACF105D9EB485B7DFDC9A5206C5712317C3206C4778E6A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr8 Common Core Problems with Links to Categorized Articles

1. Mediocrity– It standardizes mediocrity and lacks academic rigor



2. Undermining Federalism–It undermines local and state controls and accountability, and abrogates federalism as well as parental rights

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3. Costly–Its implementation will be costly for states and schools



4. Unproven–It introduces new and untested educational methods and methodology



5. Data-mining–Its data-mining is particularly intrusive, and dangerous to constitutional rights



6. Indoctrination–It includes open and overt philosophical indoctrination in numerous specific areas



7. Dark-Its supplementary and recommended materials contain much dark, depressing, and offensive content




8. Reshaping All Schooling–It reshapes all education, including private, Christian, and home schools, by means of testing criterion


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